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About Us

Carroll Refrigeration Products is an online business based in Perth Western Australia.  We have 35+ years in the refrigeration industry as a service and maintenance provider.  Providing a choice of cabinets to our customers is a natural progression to our service business.

To avoid confusion and keep it simple we provide commercial refrigeration equipment from only a few well-known and trusted brands.   If you are undecided and need some help in choosing we can send an expert from any of our brands to assist you.  

All our products come with a minimum of 12 month warranty but different brands provide more than that – up to 5 years on parts and labour.  Check the warranty on the individual purchase you a looking for.

Warranty is important when purchasing any equipment.  To help you understand the need and how to do the necessary maintenance to ensure your warranty is not voided, we have created a number of videos for you.   Pete Carroll is the owner/director of Carroll Refrigeration and Electrical and he explains how to position and maintain your investment to maintain energy efficiency and prolong the life.   We invite you to browse through these informative videos.