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All refrigeration cabinets sold by Carroll Refrigeration Products come with a manufacturer's warranty.  Depending on the brand, you may get between 12 months and 5 years warranty.  However there are conditions attached to the warranty.  This is determined by placement to allow adequate ventilation and cleaning of the condenser coil  which is essential.   A lot of people do not realise condensers need checking at least monthly.

Have you checked to see if your condenser looks like this?  Have you looked?  Do you know?  This will void your warranty.

For repairs and maintenance after the warranty period we recommend Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical - known as CRE. They have over 35 years’ experience and pride themselves on high quality customer service.  They specialise in providing a full service package for all your commercial refrigeration needs, including the electrical issues.   Carroll Refrigeration & Electrical service the greater Perth region.

Coming soon videos by Pete Carroll to show how to position and maintain your refrigeration equipment to ensure your warranty is valid and extend the life of your investment.